WYCE The Local Feed


The Local Feed, produced by WYCE community radio, lasted for 1.5 years. These two-minute segments covered various aspects of eating locally. Theresa Hogerheide from MI Local Foodbeet was the founding host and coordinator. Shawn Kohlhaas from Culinary Cultivations was the Interview Correspondent. We also occasionally featured guest hosts. Listen below.


Airtimes: Saturdays 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM


Listen to the links below for past segments.


Shawn Interviews Tori O’Haire about Full Moon Supper Club (August 2014)


Theresa on Cauliflower (August 2014)


Shawn Interviews Mr. X from Propaganda Doughnuts part two (July 2014)


Theresa on Green Beans (July 2014)


Shawn Interviews Urban Mushroom (July 2014)


Theresa on Harvesting Garlic (June 2014)


Shawn Interviews Mr. X from Propaganda Doughnuts part one (June 2014)


Theresa on Farm to Freezer (June 2014)


Shawn Interviews Andrea Winn from Catalyst Partners about the office garden (June 2014)


Theresa on the Fulton St. Farmers Market Wednesday Night Market (May 2014)


Shawn Interviews Slow Food West Michigan (May 2014)


Guest Host, Michele Van Houten on Farmers Markets (May 2014)


Shawn Interviews Jake Brenner from Grand Rapids Brewing Co. (May 2014)


Guest Host, Michele Van Houten on “No Farms No Food” (May 2014)


Shawn Interviews Baked by B (April 2014)


Theresa on Kale (April 2014)


Shawn Interviews David Fisher on the Paleo Diet (April 2014)


Theresa on Rutabagas (April 2014)


Shawn Interviews Patricia Christopher from Patricia’s Chocolates (March 2014)


Theresa on Roasting Root Vegetables (March 2014)


Shawn Interviews Jerry Adams from FarmLink (March 2014)


Theresa on Basil in the Basement: Growing Green Family Farm (Feb. 2014)


Shawn Interviews Tommy Fitzgerald from Kitchen Sage (Feb. 2014)


Theresa on Winter Vegetable Storage at Visser Farms (Feb. 2014)


Theresa on Winter Farmers Market (Jan. 2014)


Theresa Interviews Chef Shawn Kohlhaas (Jan. 2014)


Theresa Interviews Field & Fire’s Shelby Kibler on Sour Dough (Jan. 2014)


Theresa on Terrior of Michigan Wine (Jan. 2014)


Theresa on Michigan Wine Appellations (Dec, 2013)


Theresa on Baked Applesauce (Dec. 2013)


Theresa Interviews The Wine Counselor (Michael Schafer) on Michigan Wines for the Holidays (Dec. 2013)


Theresa Interviews Field & Fire’s Shelby Kibler on Stone Ground Whole Wheat (Dec. 2013)


Theresa on Roasting Squash and Squash Seeds (Dec. 2013)


Vegan GR Take-Over: Meat and Dairy Substitutes (Nov. 2013)


Vegan GR Take-Over: Restaurants with Plant-Based Foods (Nov. 2013)


Vegan GR Take-Over: Vegan Cooking Tips (Nov. 2013)


Vegan GR Take-Over: World Vegan Month (Nov. 2013)


Theresa Interviews Dianna Stampfler on the International Wine, Beer, and Food Festival (Oct. 2013)


Theresa on Planting Garlic (Oct. 2013)


Theresa on Fried Green Tomatoes (Oct. 2013)


Theresa Interviews Sue Stauffacher from Stir the Pot GR (Sept. 2013)


Theresa on Roasted Tomato Sauce (Sept. 2013)


Theresa Interviews Michael Crittenden on fishing in Michigan streams (Sept. 2013)


Theresa on Roasting Peppers (Aug. 2013)


Theresa on Zucchini (Aug. 2013)


Theresa Interviews Jennifer Pohlman from SIP Organic Juice Bar (Aug. 2013)


Theresa on Lessons Learned: Canning Tips (July – Aug. 2013)


Theresa Interviews Kayem Dunn on The Grand Rapids Downtown Market (July 2013)


Theresa on Taking the Bus to the Grand Rapids Farmers Markets (July 2013)


Theresa Interviews Jeff Duba on Heritage Meats (June – July 2013)


Theresa on Freezing Berries and Cherries (June 2013)


Theresa on Freezing Spinach (June 2013)


Theresa Interviews Groundswell Farm CSA (June 2013)


Theresa on Asparagus (May 2013)


Theresa Interviews The New Fulton Street Farmers Market (May 2013)