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Chef Jared DelarioOver the past few years I’ve enjoyed getting to know the Southeast Michigan area. Before I started blogging about all of MI I had only visited the Detroit area for business. There’s so much going on there!

The pop-up supper club, We CraVe Detroit is one thing now happening in the area. I heard about it through a colleague, Chef Jared Dellario; he has cooked professionally for the last 13 years in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Las Vegas, New York, Ann Arbor, and now in Metro Detroit. I originally met him when he was the chef at Casa Bolero in Kalamazoo.

We CraVe Detroit create the pop-ups all around the Detroit area. The venues, menus, and chefs all change depending on the event. “We love to connect people, and this is a great way to do that,” said cofounder Vera DeVera. She partners with Craig Dalrymple who is originally from Western Michigan. CraVe comes from a blending of their first names. (So cute, right?) They previously lived in San Francisco Bay area where they organized pop-ups since the early 2000s. The dinners are held twice monthly; locations vary.

I attended a dinner in mid-October at a private home in Bloomfield Hills. It was a deconstructed craft beer dinner with Michigan beers and local food from Detroit Eastern Market and Kalamazoo People’s Food Co-op. And, the food was delicious. Chef Jared was able to adjust the menu to suit my plant-based diet. See the posted photos; below them is the original menu. If you have diet considerations check with We Crave Detroit before ordering tickets.

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purple cauliflower

purple cauliflower

Go ahead, put beer in your squash and bake it.

Go ahead, put beer in your squash and bake it.

Last of the MI blueberries on risotto.

Last of the MI blueberries over risotto

Apple dessert!

MI apple dessert

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Here’s the original menu from the October dinner.
Amuse: “Starter Wort” Maple Creek Micro Greens tossed in Citrus Emulsion, Berkshire Bacon, Bosc Pear with English Style Pale Ale

1st Course: “Yeast and Malt” Fish and Chips Rosemary Pomme Frittes, Amber ale, and Malt-battered Perch

2nd Course: “Mash Making” Red Devil Squash, Serrano and Thai Chile Hybrids, Pineapple heirloom tomatoes, Sweet Onion Marmalade, Zingerman’s Great Lakes Cheshire cheese with Reduced Wheat Ale

3rd Course: “Sparging & Boil” Blueberry Duck Duo Confit Duck Confit and Grilled Breast Over English Hops and Lemon Balm Risotto with IPA Blueberry Compote.

4th Course: “Cooling” English Shortbread Sandwich Ginger and Vanilla Shortbread Cookies, Cinnamon Basil Gelato, and Vanilla Stout Cream Sauce