Secret Sauce

tahini dressinSince I cook from scratch on a regular basis, I need a few wholesome shortcuts. One of mine is tahini dressing. I use it on a variety of salads and as a sauce on a number of main or side dishes. The sauce freezes very well, so I can make a large batch and store it for quick, future use.

The recipe is below, and I hope that the photos inspire you.


Wisk together the following:
1/3 cup raw tahini
¼ cup filtered (or more to desired consistency)
1 Tablespoon chickpea miso
1 tablespoon lemon juice
¼ teaspoon garlic powder
Salt and pepper to taste



broccoli-based salad

celery root and sweet pot

roasted celery root topped with greens, black lentils, and tahini sauce served with a side of sweet potatoes.

chunk salad

veggie chunk salad

falafel n tater

baked falafel with a side of smashed, fried potatoes and shallots

Hasselback sweet potato

hasselback cut sweet potato

kale salad

kale salad

lettuce salad

lettuce salad


side salad with raw falafel full plate

raw falafel on a bed of lettuce served with other raw goodies


To be honest, I don’t recall where this recipe originated and if/how much I changed it from its original form. (Recipes are not copywrited, but I do give credit when possible.)

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