Maple Water – It’s a Thing

Maple WaterRecently, I went to a farm in Baroda to pick up some maple water. It’s the sap from the maple tree. The farmer was boiling it down for maple syrup to sell. I love maple syrup, but I also love to drink the raw maple water. When people ask me what it tastes like I say, “It tastes like spring.” It’s fresh and slightly sweet. It’s my spring tonic.


I take home a few gallons for the year. I drink about one half-gallon over the first few days and freeze the rest (see below). It MUST stay refrigerated; I don’t keep it fresh for more than four days. In my case, it’s right out of the tree bucket. So, it will have natural bacteria in it. (Drink it at your own risk, although I’ve not had any problems with it.) It’s live nourishment.


You could boil it to act as pasteurization and then cool it to drink, if you like. Companies are starting to package it for sale. Personally, I would not purchase packaged maple water, because to me, it’s factory food rather than a natural connection with the trees of Michigan.


I have been freezing my stash in glass jars, but I’ve found that even when I’m careful to not fill them to the top, there can still be some breakage. Who knew that sap expanded so much? It will even expand outward when there is room for it to expand upward to the top. Freezing it in plastic would work better, although I suppose there is still a chance to overfill and crack the containers, if you are not careful.


Let me know if you’ve tried it and what you think.

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