Holiday Blast Bowl


kale banana apple chia hemp topped with raspberry sunflr and buckwht


This morning I made a festive smoothie bowl for my breakfast.

I partially thawed two bananas in one bowl and a handful of MI raspberries in another. Then, I put the bananas in the high speed blender along with a MI apple, sprinkle of hemp seeds, heavy sprinkle of chia seeds, and a large MI kale leaf. I blended it up. When serving, I topped it with the raspberries and some sunflower and buckwheat seeds also grown in Michigan. It turned out beautiful.

The trick to a smoothie bowl rather than a smoothie drink, is to not add water and to add some partially frozen fruit. I add the chia seeds, because the fruit melts and can be runny. In that time; however, the chia seeds are plumping up to keep everything thick.

I hope that you have a joyful holiday season. ~ Theresa

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