Pad Thai Sauce over MI Vegetables

It’s that time of year when we have a surprising amount of Michigan vegetables. The winter roots are still available, and the spring greens are just coming on. I’ve been working on this pad Thai recipe this winter using the roots; now I can add some greens too! The roots are served shredded but raw – they are the ‘noodles.’ Much more hardy than the thin, cooked noodles usually served in Pad Thai. This recipe serves 6 – 8 portions.

½ cup raw tahini
¼ cup raw almond butter
¼ cup raw cashew butter
¼ cup Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, or more to taste
¼ water (less if using more Bragg’s)
3 Tbsp maple syrup
5 Tbsp lime juice
4 clove garlic, minced
2 tsp ginger root, grated
1 t cayenne powder, or to taste
Whisk all together. This sauce is best made one day ahead and stored in the refrigerator to combine the flavors.

Noodle Ingredients
3 pounds Carrots, turnips, celery root, shredded in food processor – these are the ‘noodles’.
½ head Bok choy or Napa cabbage, coarsely chopped

Flavorful greens such as chopped cilantro / ramps / green onions, finely chopped
½ c crushed, unsalted peanuts (raw or roasted)

Pour the sauce over the ‘noodle’ vegetables and toss. Top with the greens and crushed peanuts. If you are planning on left overs, store the vegetables and the sauce in separate containers, or the veggies will get soggy.

Pad Thai


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