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It all began with smoothies; then the detox; finally raw food classes as I came across them. In 2013 I took a 4-day course and to become a Certified Raw Food Coach. I’m calling this my RAWdyssey. Click here to read about my 5-Day raw food detox experience. So, where DO you find healthy, bio-available, natural raw foods. Read on!

I’ve collected raw food resources from around Michigan. There are more than I thought there would be! They are below – please read on to get there. First, what is raw food? Basically, raw food is unprocessed nuts, seeds, (including buckwheat, wheat, oats, lentils, and beans) fruits, and vegetables (including sea vegetables, fermented vegetables, and sprouts) that have not been heated above 115 degrees. Above that temperature, the food has lost its enzymes – a great part of the nutrition. If it’s in a can, a jar, a bottle, or an aseptic container – it’s NOT raw. (That is, unless it’s specifically marked that way.)

Also eaten are herbs and spices, cold-pressed oils, and sauces such as tamari or coconut aminos. The beverages water kefir and kombucha are included as raw products. There are options for sweeteners: raw honey, agave nectar, coconut nectar, and xylitol made from birch. Many people (including myself) use natural maple syrup also.

Are you intrigued or thinking “I’ll never eat like that?” Either way, I hope you keep reading, because I don’t know anyone that eats 100% raw. I don’t plan to either.

But, the people who I know that eat raw – whether it’s an experiment or a major part of their diet – all feel better when they eat this way. Maybe it’s just because they are eating much less processed foods, or maybe it’s because of the enzymes. I expect that it’s both. But, I don’t even really care, because they feel better! Don’t think that you have to become a diet label; get to know your body and eat what sustains it.

So, when I eat raw is it just salads and smoothies? NO way! It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. There are even packaged, raw foods available. Sure, I eat salads, I juice vegetables and fruits occasionally, and I drink a morning smoothie.

I also make wraps out of lettuce or collard greens. I make ‘pasta’ out of zucchini and experiment with sauces. Sometimes I grow my own sprouts; not just for salads, but I made a sprouted spelt crust for raw pizza. Then, there’s the incredible ‘cheeses’ made from nuts – some aged with probiotics. I’ve even made raw lasagna.

But, I’m a sugar addict, you say? No problem! Chocolate is sold in its raw form. You may have never experienced REAL, unadulterated chocolate. It’s fabulous and can be made into many types of candies and desserts. A cheesecake can be made out of cashew cream.

Below is a list of MI based sources for raw food. Also, if you are interested and on Facebook request to be added to my private raw food group. We share recipes and experiences on the page.

Michigan Producers

Cold Press Juice Co, Holland: Mail order juices and teas.

Cultured Love, Grand Rapids: naturally fermented food

Drought, Plymouth and Detroit: packaged, raw juices

Evergreen Market, Williamsburg: kale chips

Go Forever Bars: energy bars

Hampshire Farms, Kingston: sunflower, flax, wheat, flax, buckwheat, and oats; sold at the farm or at the Detroit Eastern or Royal Oak Farmers Markets

Jenergy Bar: energy bars

Kaleamazoo chips: kale chips

Living Zen Organics: kale chips and other treats made at the Detroit Zen Center

Raw Foodie Superfoods: kale chips and sprouted seeds

Raw Honey

Rawsome Delights & Delectables by Candice Cullen: desserts

Red Pepper Foods, Plymouth: – raw crackers and tortilla chips. Some of the ingredients are from locally grown ingredients from local farms.

Rightfully Raw, Washington: desserts and snacks.

The Brinery, Ann Arbor: raw, fermented foods – full of probiotics to promote digestive health – such as pickles and sauerkraut. Owner, David Klingenberger, said, “This is truly the way our ancestors ate vegetables in the winter.”

Wheatgrass and Sprouts, Troy: online sales of wheat grass, sprouts, seeds, and supplies

Unity Vibration Kombucha

Annual Raw Food Expo

Audrey Byker

Bodylistics, Royal Oak

Creative Health Institute, Union City

Heal Yourself Institute, Royal Oak

Molly Marshall, Certified Raw food Chef, Educator, and Consultant in the Detroit area: Available for raw food parties at your home, invite your friends…learn how to become a little more “raw” and support each other in the journey. Hourly personalized consultations for how to bring more of a raw lifestyle into your home. Group classes and phone consultations. Contact: molly3marshall at gmail.com.

The Raw Food Express, Saginaw

The Tree House for Earths Children, Farmington. Also have Sunday Brunch event the third Sunday of the month.

Peoples Food Co-op, Ann Arbor: check their calendar of events for occasional raw food classes

SIP Organic Juice Bar, Grand Rapids: check their calendar of events for occasional raw food classes

Theresa Hogerheide (me), Grand Rapids: contact me to join my raw food private Facebook page; available for classes and consultations

Blogs/ Books

A Raw Lifestyle, Rockford

Happy to be Raw

Living Simply Raw

MI Local Foodbeet (me!)

Raw on $10 a Day

Restaurants & Food Trucks
Amani’s, Dearborn (fresh juice on menu)

Anna’s House, Grandville: Added fresh juices/smoothies to their menu

BBOH 360, Grandville: juice bar and fitness center

Back 2 Roots, Ann Arbor: vegan and raw entrees and desserts

Bartertown Diner, Grand Rapids: fresh smoothies, semi-raw bowls

Be Well Lifestyle Café, Birmingham: fresh juices, smoothies, and elixirs

Beyond Juice, Birmingham

Cacao Tree Café, Royal Oak: restaurant and juice bar with specialty chocolates

Drought, Detroit and area

Edson Farms, Traverse City

Greenbox Juice Bar, Grandville

GreenSpace, Ferndale: NEW; opening September 2015; plant-based cafe featuring fresh juice

Health Hutt, Muskegon

Jacq n Diane’s Juice Box, Holly

Juicy Leaf, Kalamazoo

Lake Street Cafe in Oryana Food Co-op, Traverse City: grab and go kale salad, fresh juices and smoothies, desserts

Marie Catrib’s (fresh juice on menu), Grand Rapids

Natural View Market Smoothie Bar, Brighton

Pita Café, Birmingham (fresh juice on menu)

Raw Juice Company, Traverse City

Raw Organic Juice Bar, Novi

Seva – Juice Bar, Ann Arbor and Detroit

SIP Organic Juice Bar, Grand Rapids: fresh juices, smoothies, and elixirs, chia bowls and other meals, and energy bars

Smoothie Operator, Kalamazoo: attending markets and events. Check their calendar.

Sweetwater Café, Marquette: fresh carrot, orange, and grapefruit juices; the only fresh juice that I found in the Upper Peninsula

Terra GR, Grand Rapids: they will make a raw entree at your request (call ahead to verify)

The Clean Plate, Shelby Township: desserts from Cacao Tree

The Treehouse for Earth’s Children, Farmington

Total Health Foods Juice Bar, Wyandotte: fresh juices and smoothies

Try it Raw, Birmingham: take-out concept vegan café with limited seating

Urge  Juice, store in Berkley; kiosk in Birmingham, and available at farmers markets.

Zerbo’s, Livonia: juice bar within health food store

Stores that sell raw products
Michigan grocery, co-op, and health food stores are catching on that people want raw food products. The products, in addition to fresh produce, are typically raw crackers, cookies, kale chips, and energy bars. Some stores sell raw nuts and seeds (usually in bulk) and other products such as raw cacao (chocolate) and raw nut and seed butters.
D&W Knapp Crossings, Grand Rapids: This flagship store makes a point of bringing raw food to the Grand Rapids market.

Edson Farms, Traverse City: Fresh produce, raw ingredients, smoothie and juice bar, grab and go

Farmers Markets: lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, year round

Food Co-ops

Health Food Stores

Horrocks, Lansing: packaged fresh juices

Nourish Organic Market, Grand Rapids

Nutri-Foods, Royal Oak

Plum Market, Ann Arbor, Bloomfield, and Royal Oak

Zerbo’s, Livonia

Michigan Raw Food


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