Strawberry Pie without the Oven version Two

Because you can’t just have one strawberry pie recipe for the whole summer I have a second one for you. The filling for this one is thickened with chia seeds. This one is done in a Mary Ann style pan. Click here for the first pie recipe.

Strawberry-Chia Pie with Chocolate Crust

Crust Ingredients:
2 cups raw walnuts
1 cup dates, pitted
2 Tablespoons cacao powder
1.25 ounces cacao butter

Filling Ingredients:
2 cups strawberry puree
2 Tablespoons MI honey (or agave nectar for vegan)
Pinch sea salt
¼ cup chia seed

1. Gently melt the cacao butter in a dehydrator or double boiler.
2. Process the crust ingredients in the food processor.
3. Press into bottom of Mary Jane pan and place into freezer until the cacao butter is hardened.
4. Remove the crust from the pan and flip the crust over.
5. Blend the strawberry puree, sweetener, and salt in a blender. Add the chia seeds and blend just to mix them in.
6. Pour filling into a bowl and let the mixture thicken for 15 minutes.
7. Pour filling into pie crust and let thicken further in the refrigerator until set.
8. Store in refrigerator.




Filled pie



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