securedownload (1)Are you a foodie?

You are in the right place to learn about seasonal eating. This page is devoted to spreading the Locavore Foodie news in Michigan and beyond. Sign up for blog posts including how to find, prepare, eat, preserve, and enjoy seasonal food. Whether you want to learn to preserve food, need more seasonal recipes, or enjoy reading about my farm visits, this is the site for you. I also specialize in delicious raw food preparation; there’s a tab especially for that topic.

Why local? People, Planet, Profits – and Produce!

Eating locally sourced, seasonal food provides jobs and lets you connect with the folks who grow your food. It helps to preserve farmland, and it supports the local economy. Seasonal foods taste great! They’re fresh and often grown on small farms with less chemical inputs.

What is local?

This site and blog are about finding and eating locally sourced, sustainable food. But, What does that mean? I’ve defined local for the purposes of this website as grown or produced in Michigan. Sustainability has become a rather general term. For me, there’s a people and animal friendly component – as well as earth friendly. Here’s the details:

  • I know the farmers – and discuss the growing practices and chemical inputs into the produce that I buy, such as organic or ‘no-spray’. We also discuss which products are easily prepared and preserved. The best place I’ve found to do this is at a farmers market.
  • Food preservation instructions and tips along with seasonal recipes are a big component of this website. Food preservation provides local food – year-round.
  • I’ve personally chosen not to eat meat; I occasionally eat eggs, butter, and cheese. But, I do write about them. I eat local honey regularly.
  • Animals raised with kindness and fed their natural diets when it’s available (example: free-range chickens eating insects) are a priority if I am to write about them.
  • Wildcrafted foods are another favorite topic – from stinging nettles to maple syrup.
  • I incorporate Raw Food into my daily diet.
  • And, I’m interested in the working conditions of farm workers.

Although I occasionally receive unsolicited discounts or samples, the opinions in the blog posts are my own.